How to Choose the Right Audio Visual Hire Services for Corporate Events

3monkeysav at   September 5, 2017
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How to Choose the Right Audio Visual Hire Services for Corporate Events

Top 6 Benefits of Audio Visual Hire Services for Corporate Events

Conferences, meetings and company parties are best hosted with the right audio visual equipment. Appealing to people’s sense of sight and hearing can be efficient in formal and informal corporate events. They make the event come to life and they also help people retain the information you provide them.

Professional audio visual hire Perth companies can help you create the right environment for your corporate event. Here at 3Monkeys AV Hire, we use our expertise, knowledge, experience and creativity in helping our clients achieve their goals for their event. In this article, we will show you how an audio visual hire service can transform your next conference, meeting or party.

1) Planning with your AV Company

When you work with an AV rental company like 3Monkeys AV Hire, you can get help during the planning stages. This can make a huge difference on how you plan your budget. You can share your creative vision with us and we will use our expertise to help you come up with the suitable audio visual solution.

Here at 3Monkeys AV Hire, we work closely with our clients as they plan their event. In this way, we can help them address any creative or budget concerns early on. When you work with us, you are sure to get quality products and unparalleled service. We always bring our knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that the planning process is even more efficient.

2) Experienced and Knowledgeable Technicians

One of the advantages of working with an audio visual hire company is their full-service offering. Our team of skilled and experienced technicians know the products inside and out. If you do not know what AV product or package you should hire, then we can send our personnel to your location. We will assess your requirements and come up with an effective AV action plan that is suitable for your needs and budget.

3) Impress Them With Visuals

Most conferences and big meetings require visual displays to relay important information. Having the right visual display allows you to keep your audience engaged. You can draw people into your presentation by having the right visual tools and equipment.

Whether you are planning a tradeshow exhibit or you are organising a conference, you can turn to 3Monkeys AV Hire and we will get you the ideal visual equipment you need. We can help you decide which screen size or projector is perfect for the size of your audience or whether you need tradeshow TV displays.

4) Monitors for Presenters

Presenters can get lost in their content at times. So, to help them stay in line with their presentation, you can set up monitors that act as their “teleprompters”. Also referred to as a confidence monitor, this screen can be placed low in front where the speaker can easily see them.

Having these monitors where the speaker can see them can help them keep track of their presentation without distracting the audience. It helps them gain a better control of their presentation.

These comfort monitors can also help the speaker keep track of the time left in their presentation. The audience can easily get bored and lose interest if the presentation is dragging too long. To keep your corporate event or conference at the right pace and rhythm, you can keep the presenters on track by displaying a countdown timer on the confidence monitors. In this way, they can manage their presentation more efficiently, speeding up or slowing down the pace as necessary.

5) Boost People’s Spirits with the Right Audio Equipment

With the right audio equipment, you can hype the audience’s excitement. You can use an ‘audio sting’ or a sound introduction when a presenter comes on stage. You can energise or add an element of excitement on the audience before an important presentation. Audio stings can come in the form of a voice over or a sound bite.

If this is something you would want for your corporate event, do not hesitate to let us know. We can help you decide which audio equipment can help you achieve your creative goals.

6) Create the Right Environment with Proper Lighting

As an audio visual company, we love creating environments using the right lighting equipment. We have the right tools to focus the attention of the audience on a particular stage element or we can mask out bland areas. With appropriate lighting, you can convey emotions, set the mood, heat things up or cool things down. It goes without saying that lighting equipment can keep your audience hyped and engaged.

As Perth audio visual hire company, we can provide you with the tools and equipment you need to make your corporate event memorable. We have a deep understanding of the latest audio visual technology necessary to successfully carry out your event goals.

For expert advice or FREE quote, call 3Monkeys AV Hire on (08) 9228 1681.

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