Funeral Chapels

Funeral Chapels

In this modern world of electrical gadgets and components people have come to expect a high level of performance from audio visual presentations.

Although not your core business, it has increasingly become an important part of the service funeral directors are being asked to provide.

During funeral services, staff are required to operate more than just one electronic component at one time. Systems can become very complex, and almost require a trained audiovisual operator to conduct a service.

3 Monkeys AV provides you with the best solution to streamline the operation of AV equipment, making it user friendly, and significantly reducing the likelihood of operator error resulting in client dissatisfaction.


Brief Description of our system

While 3 Monkeys are able to supply individual components for both recording, playing music and speech, 3 Monkeys AV has developed an audiovisual control system specifically designed for the funeral industry.

This system enables control of multiple electronic components from an intuitive touch screen panel, prompting staff to easily set up each service, start any audio and/or video recording and produce a DVD for your client at the end of the service.
The operator of the system is provided with a touch screen control panel which can be a wireless unit or permanently mounted.tps-6x

Prior to the service, the operator can:
• Quickly pre program the songs required.
• Automatically activate display screens.
• Begin visual and audio recordings.
• Adjust microphone and music levels if required.
• Produce a DVD for the client, as well as backup or archive copy.

When the service has been completed all relevant equipment defaults to standby mode, ready for the next service.

While the system has a strong basic design and we have covered all of your requirements, the system’s flexibility will allow for any specific functions you may have and allow for future expansion.

System Operation

Operation of the system is intuitive and follows the time line of the service/ceremony allowing for any adjustments if required.

Songs & Music

Issues that have arisen, relating to song and music playback during a service, such as incorrect song selection, unintentional playing of the next track or the abrupt stopping of music have been eliminated with this system.

This control system enables pre-programming of digitally stored music, with fade outs, accessible via the touch panel.

Digital storage of commonly used music also eliminates the need for the organisation and maintenance of a CD library.

Any CD’s provided by the client can still be inserted into the CD player and then selected via the touch panel.


Any existing video equipment may be integrated into this system and operated via the touch panel. In addition, the audio associated with DVD presentations will be re-routed to the Chapel’s PA system rather than the small speakers within the display unit.


Audio Video recordings are also controlled via the touch panel. The system can be set to begin recording at “Start of Service” and on completion, produce a DVD for your client as well as create a back up copy.

Free Analysis Service

3 Monkeys AV provides a free Audiovisual System Analysis and Plan, valued at $250. We visit your chapel to analyse your existing system to identify any issues, we will discuss frustrations or problems you might be experiencing and establish your specific requirements.  We can then offer advice on ways to improve the performance and/or functionality of your system.

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