Why Choose Us

What We Do For You – Our 3 Stage Assessment Process

1. Site Inspection & Free System Analysis – Firstly we visit your workplace and assess your needs and/or frustrations with your existing system. We take digital photographs, measurements and discuss what it is you would like to achieve and offer you free advice and assistance.

2. System Plan – Following our free analysis, we go back to our office to design a system for you that takes into account your specific requirements and other important factors such as functionality, ease of use and aesthetics.

3. Presentation – You are presented with a detailed proposal including system design options, product information and an itemised budget… not a bundled price with hidden costs like you might have found elsewhere…

Our 3 Stage Analysis ensures the system we recommend is exactly what you need… And you will be educated throughout the process, the system fits your budget, installation is considered and worked out (not worked out after the sale!) and best of all, this is a FREE service for you.

Assembly, Installation & Delivery Plan

Once an order has been placed we assemble, configure and pre-test the system. All programming and system settings are loaded prior to delivery to reduce time on site and keep disruptions to a minimum… We then deliver the system, perform onsite testing and commissioning and provide any training required!

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