Small Music Package Hire

Make sure everyone can hear the music with our quality Small Music Package Hire.

Why take up the Small Package Hire?

No matter how small an event may be, preparing for it and setting it up can still be stressful. Imagine how difficult it could be if you had to buy your own music package. From choosing the best sound equipment down to obtaining the budget needed to buy them (remember that when it comes to equipment, the better their features, the pricier they usually are), you will be spending time and money you could have used putting into and polishing other elements of your event.

Our Small Music Package Hire means you don’t need to think of the music equipment. You don’t need to research and investigate stores looking for the perfect fit. You don’t need to ask around trying to get the model and equipment with the perfect set of features and functionalities. Most importantly, you don’t need to spend money on equipment that you’ve bought and put to storage.

When should you hire our Small Music Package Hire?

Like the name suggests, this package is not as big as our Large Music Package. While it means you get the same high-quality sounds and superb service we have become known for, this package is more ideal for gatherings where you are in a small venue to where you have small audience.

This package is ideal for celebrations that are small and often intimate. Maybe you’d need this for an intimate wedding where you only have a few guests. It could be a birthday party attended only by your family. Or it could be a party where you and your friends recall the good old days. This package is for events where it’s not about getting the music to other end of the room, but about making sure that everyone is hearing and enjoying the same quality audio.

Why 3 Monkeys AV Hire?

We offer a wide variety of audio visual equipment for hire anywhere in the Perth area. Our Small Music Package Hire, like our other packages, is composed of sound equipment made by the biggest and most trusted names in the market. Hiring 3 Monkeys AV to take care of your AV needs at your next occasion will ensure quality sound and a successful event.

We understand what our customers want, owing to the years we’ve spent in the industry. We know how time is of the essence with planning any event, and ensure our equipment is installed as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. Equipment is always triple checked for sound quality and absolute perfect performance at setup. Once your event has wound up, we remove our equipment quietly so and efficiently.

If anything comes up in the middle of your event, don’t worry. You can easily reach us through our 24/7 hotline, where our staff will be waiting to give you any assistance you need.

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