In need of a portable PA system to hire for your event? We are Perth’s leading audio visual hire company and have been for the past 20 years. We understand that your PA system is crucial to the success of your event, which is why we will see to it that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. We only use top commercial AV brands that have been proven in terms of performance and reliability. Furthermore, the equipment that we will use for your event is tested before, your event. We do not cut corners with the service we provide because your satisfaction is always our priority.

We have a portable PA system for hire that will suit your budget and specific needs, regardless of the size and scale of your event. We offer three different packages that are designed to suit the number of people you have in your audience.

  • Portable PA System Hire Package – Large

    Portable PA System Hire Package – Large

  • Portable PA System Hire Package – Medium

    Portable PA System Hire Package – Medium

  • Portable PA System Hire Package – Small

    Portable PA System Hire Package – Small

Our Small Portable PA System Hire Package is perfect for events that have 50 or so guests. The system includes an inbuilt USB port and SD card slot, as well as a wireless microphone and stand. The Small PA system operates wirelessly, thanks to inbuilt batteries, making it a light yet very powerful unit. It is easy to set up and operate, making it perfect for people on the go. It is so handy; it can be carried by just one person – no need for special transportation arrangements.

If you need to hire a portable PA system for an event that has about 150 people in attendance, our Medium Portable PA System Hire Package is ideal. The system includes a built-in CD player, a wireless microphone, and a microphone stand. Like the small package, it operates completely wirelessly because it also has built-in batteries. It comes with your choice of microphone – you can choose from either a traditional handheld microphone, a belt pack, and lapel, or a belt pack and headset, depending on your needs. If you need to be mobile, a belt pack and lapel works best, but if you prefer the security of holding on to something when speaking before a big crowd, a traditional handheld microphone is your best bet. If you need to gesture a lot, a belt pack and headset is a good choice.

The medium portable PA systems that we hire are very convenient to set up, use, and transport. It comes in a wheeled case that you can easily bring from one location to another.

Finally, we recommend our Large PA System Hire Package if you are hosting events that have around 200 people indoors. The inclusions in our small, medium and large packages are very similar in that they all operate completely wirelessly, with built-in batteries, making the unit easy to transport and set up within seconds. Similarly, the large system also has a built-in CD player for your convenience, and your choice of wireless microphones, including the traditional handheld microphone, belt pack, and lapel, or belt pack and headset. What sets our large package apart from its small and medium counterparts, however, is the power and capacity of all its components – you are assured that your sound quality will remain clear and loud even amidst a large crowd.

Take note that our price for the portable PA system hire excludes delivery and pick up fee.

Why you should hire from us

We are Perth’s friendliest and most reliable audio visual hire specialists. We take pride in our 60 years of collective experience in the business, so you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond our capacity in ensuring that your events are successful every single time. There is no event that is too small or too large for us – we will be able to provide you with your PA and AV systems. We are highly flexible, which means that we will be able to customise a package for you based on your budget and specific requirements. Whether it’s a small, intimate gathering, a wedding with hundreds in attendance, or a large corporate event with thousands of guests, we will work with you in making your event special, memorable, and successful.

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