Perth Audio Visual Repairs & Services

Top Perth audio visual specialists at 3 Monkeys Hire do not just give you access to the best services and equipment—we also do repairs.

Does your microphone sound scratchy? Are your speakers not as loud as they normally are? Is yourservice projector’s image not focusing adequately?

Malfunctioning audio visual equipment can be a huge hassle. Imagine getting ready days or weeks prior to your event or presentation, only to be held up by a device or two that just won’t perform as expected. They can cause delays at best, but at worst, malfunctioning equipment can lead to a cancelled event.


Procuring and installing new equipment can be costly and time-consuming. You’ll might end up having to spend more for a low-quality audio visual device just to make it in time for your event. The same can be said about trusting repairs to just about anyone. Cost-cutting or settling for quick, instant solutions to your malfunctioning equipment may end up costing you more.

At the end of the day, your malfunctioning AV equipment will take some of the fun out of what could have been a memorable celebration, and the momentum out of what could have been a meaningful presentation. Do not settle for anything less than the most trusted names in Perth when it comes to audio visual system installation and repairs.

You Benefit from Our Experience

Needless to say, you will only get the best results when you trust the experts. 3 Monkeys Hire is home to some of the best Perth audio visual specialists who have worked in the sector for a combined 60 years. We understand what our clients need, but more importantly, we know AV systems like the back of our hands. Our experience means we can get your equipment up and running in time for your event.

Once you contact us, the 3 Monkeys Hire Service division will visit your premises and assess the problem. We will check your equipment and inspect for the possible causes of the error. From there, we will arrange for immediate repairs as needed. Your equipment will be handled only by experts, so you can be assured of the most reliable results.

You Get the Extra Mile of Service

What if your audio visual system is already damaged beyond repair? What if it’s already too old or its parts phased out? Or what if the damage is so severe, repairing your audio visual equipment will take longer than normal? Don’t worry—we have you covered.

As one of Perth’s veteran audio visual experts, we know that at times, some equipment are simply beyond saving. We don’t stop at telling our customers the bad news though; we go the extra mile. If your AV system cannot be repaired and requires replacement, then we will offer you a selection of equipment replacement plans. These give you access to the best audio visual equipment we offer, all at very budget-friendly prices.

This means you don’t need to stress over purchasing new equipment or finding your much-needed replacements. Your event or celebration not only goes through as planned, you even get to enjoy the perks of using top-of-the-line audio visual systems and equipment.

We’re here to Help You

What if your audio visual equipment conks out right in the middle of your event? What if conventional troubleshooting fails to resolve the issue?

Your reliable Perth audio visual specialists are here to give you a hand. Contact us anytime and we’ll be there to assist you. We have a 24-hour hotline that is always ready to receive your queries and help you out by giving you tips or sending out the right people who can address the issue. Whatever your concern may be with your audio visual system, be it big or small, we have you covered.

Feel free to contact us today by using the form available in our Contact Us page. We will get in touch with at the soonest possible time. If your matter is urgent, you may talk to us using the telephone number provided. Do tell us your concern and we will do our best to give you the solution you need, be it repair or equipment for hire.




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