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Recording Package A

Looking to record and produce high quality music in your own school? Then look no further! The A level recording package from 3 Monkeys AV incorporates high quality software and hardware into one easy to use recording system. Whether you want to record a full orchestral album, rock album, audio for films, audio for games or voice over audio this recording system will do it!. The recording software behind this bundle is the industry standard Ableton 9. Ableton 9 is incredibly versatile, easy to use, has a great workflow and can be used with almost any hardware on the market!

The whole recording system is controlled by a Mackie 8 Channel control surface which comes with an additional 8 channel control surface extender giving you up to 16 channels of channel control. Bundled with the controller is also a ‘Big Knob” studio command system, which makes controlling every aspect of your studio a dream. The control room has two Mackie 8 inch powered monitor speakers. These monitor speakers are specially made for the studio environment, and have switches to change the frequency response. This is helpful for compensating for frequencies in the room that are too low or too high in volume. This helps you create a detailed reproduction of the audio you are recording.

The audio interface in this system is a Universal Audio Apollo 8. Universal Audio makes the best microphone pre amps in the world, and this audio interface is no exception. This audio interface has 8 microphone/line inputs in which 4 of them are Unison pre amps. This audio interface delivers beautiful analogue sound in a digital environment. The audio interface also includes a bank of renowned Universal Audio plugins, which emulate the sound of the best music gear in the world.

The microphones in this package are tailored to any need you have in the studio environment.
The microphones included are array of high quality dynamic and condenser microphones from Superlux. These microphones can be used for any style of music needed. Included are vocal microphones, instrument microphones (Including drum microphones) and ambient room microphones – any microphone you would ever need for your projects and productions!

All other essential studio gear is included in this package, such as closed and open headphones, a drum shield, headphone splitter/amplifier, pop filters for vocals, active and passive DI boxes, a 16/4 multi core, instrument and microphone cables, microphone stands and speaker stands/brackets.

Here is a detailed list of equipment included in the package.


Recording Package B

Looking to record high quality music and audio in your school? Then look no further!
The B level recording solution is perfect for schools that want to record anything from full scale band recordings to low scale voice recordings.

The recording software used in this system is Ableton 9, and is a industry standard in the field of audio engineering. Students and teachers can easily learn this powerful software with its user friendly user interface. Ableton 9 has a amazing workflow, and students and teachers will find themselves getting the hang of recording and mixing in no time!. The system includes the Mackie Big Knob studio command system, which enables you to easily control the levels in your studio.

The Audio interface used in this system is the Universal Audio Apollo interface. This interface is well known for its ability to produce a analogue sound in a digital environment. There is no longer a need to debate over analogue or digital equipment with an interface like this. Included in the audio interface is a bundle of Universal Audio plugins. These plugins emulate the best sounding music equipment in the world. All you need is a computer and the possibilities are endless.

The recording system comes with a pair of Mackie 8 inch studio monitors that are a industry standard for monitors. The monitors come with EQ switches, which enable you to tune your speakers in accordance with the room you are mixing in.

The microphones included in this package include dynamic and condenser microphones. The system includes a microphone kit for drum recording, dynamic microphones for any sort of instrument and condenser microphones for vocals and acoustic instruments. The system contains all the microphones you need for any recording you have in mind.

The recording package also includes other equipment such as studio quality headphones, headphone amplifier splitter, active and passive DI’s, a multi core, instrument and microphone cables and microphone stands.

Here is a detailed list of the equipment included in this package.


Recording Package C

Whether you’re looking to record a small band, choir, singers, acoustic acts, audio for films or audio for games, this package is perfect for you!
This is the C level package we do and allows you to get a lot of recording and mixing done with a small budget.

The recording software included in this package is Ableton live 9. Ableton 9 is a industry standard piece of recording software, and is regarded highly by sound engineers around the world. Ableton 9 is easy to use and very versatile in a lot of audio applications. Students and teachers will be able to learn this software with ease with its easy to use user interface. Students and teachers will be able to do recording and mixing quicker than ever before with Abletons amazing workflow.

The C level recording package includes the Mackie Big Knob studio command system which allows you to control levels in the studio with ease.

Included in this recording package is the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo audio interface. This audio interface allows you to have 2 microphone inputs simultaneously and has amazing quality microphone pre amps. This audio interface also comes with the Universal Audio plugin bundle which allows the user to use ‘Real Time Analogue Classic’ plugins. These plugins allow the user to replicate the sound of high end analogue music gear with a digital piece of software. These plugins make your mix sound like you have used million dollar studio equipment by just using your computer!

The recording package includes two Mackie 5.25 inch studio monitors which are an industry standard in the studio environment. The Mackie studio monitors reproduce your recordings and mix downs accurately, and gives the user a good relative idea of how the mix sounds. The studio monitors come with adjustable frequency response switches, which allow you to change the frequency response of the speakers in conjunction with your studio set up. Example – If your speakers are producing too much high end frequencies in your room then you can adjust the high end frequency response on the monitors to compensate.

Extra equipment included in this package include, large diaphragm condenser microphones for vocal and acoustic recordings, open and closed studio headphones, a 10/2 multi core, instrument and microphone cables, a active DI box and microphone stands.

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