Bosh Hearing Loop Amplifier


Bosh Hearing Loop Amplifier

The Plena Loop Amplifier is a cost-effective amplifier designed to drive a wire loop installed in the floor or ceiling, covering an area of up to 600m2 per amplifier.

This solution enables hearing-aid users in the area enclosed by the wire loop to hear all announcements, or music.

Hearing-aid users can set their devices to the Tmode setting to receive the signal coming from the loop.

They receive announcements in excellent audio-quality, without the background noise or reverberations that normally impair intelligibility for people with hearing disabilities.

Product Description

  • High power, current driven amplifier
  • Two microphone/line inputs, one priority input (100 V)
  • Selectable frequency range and tone controls
  • Limiter and automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Built in phased output for low overspill systems
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