MI-808T Stereo Transmitter

Mipro Transmitter

MI-808T Stereo Transmitter

  • Multi-function LCD panel.
  • EIA standard 1/2U rack-mountable metal chassis.
  • Balanced and unbalanced combo jack.
  • Mono and Stereo operating modes.
  • UHF PLL Synthesized circuit.
  • 16 preset channels in 24 MHz band.
  • Dynamic compander circuitry delivers S/N ratio greater than 90 dB.
  • Built-in level limiter prevents distortion at the maximum input level.
  • Monitoring headphone jack.
  • Multi-language interpretation system application. Simple interface for easy operation.

Product Description

MI-808 is an IEM system designed for stage performance and broadcasting. Also, it can be served as a simultaneous language interpretation system. It is frequency-agile over a 24 MHz bandwidth with 16 selectable frequencies. Advanced dual-antenna true diversity technology eliminates signal dropouts and enhances signal stability. High S/N ratio and dynamic range ensures optimal audio quality.

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