Mipro ACT707TE

Mipro - ACT-707TE copy

Mipro ACT707TE

Bodypack Transmitter, compatible with the MA707, MA705 and MA808 Portable PA Series.

Product Description

  • Plastic Housing

  • LED indicator displays power on/off and battery status.

  • Compact, lightweight and streamline shape for easy wearing.

  • Impedance selectable switch for microphone or guitar, and built-in sensitivity level adjustor.

  • Industry standard mini-XLR 4-pin (TA4F) connector is utilized for quick and screw lock connection and accepts lavaliere, headworn microphone and guitar inputs with level adjustments.

  • Belt clip allows 360 degrees rotating to suit transmitter wearing.

  • World’s first ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) function provides rapid automatic channel setting.

  • Innovative “Photo-cell Coupling” high dynamic range and high fidelity modulation circuitry is capable of accepting high input level and less distortion.

  • Advanced efficient transmitting and low power consumption circuit design.

  • 22 hour battery life per single 9V battery.

  • Professional quality ensures no impact-damage.

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