LED Up Quad-4 Package

LED Up Quad-4 Package

LED Up Quad-4 Package

How important is setting the right mood for an event? It’s everything! More often than not, keeping your guests engaged and enthralled can depend on how well you create the ideal motif or atmosphere to suit the event. Aside from using the right colours, paraphernalia, music, and sound effects, you can also perform modifications on your venue’s lights. It is in this area that a good LED Up Quad-4 Package will prove more than handy.

Product Description

Why get a LED Up Quad-4 Package?

This package is a reliable and convenient solution when you want a fast and easy way to establish the mood of your celebration or event. It is composed of four units lit by light-emitting diodes (LED) of varying colours, making them applicable for a wide range of uses and extremely versatile. Put them in the corners of the room or arrange them as needed and watch them light up the place.

Because the LED Up Quad-4 Package supports multiple hues; you save on colouring the walls of the venue. Just place the units close to the walls and enjoy the money and time you may have spent on paint, wallpapers, curtains, and other forms of wall covering. And oh, did we say they’re easy to remove and change, too?


When is a LED Up Quad-4 Package useful?

The package is perfect for intimate indoor events, especially those that are held in small rooms. This way, you can use them any time of the day. You can also use them outdoors, but to maximise their effect, they are best lit up during the night.

This package is awesome for a wide variety of events, especially those that require you to set a certain mood. Think everything from corporate presentations and team-building to wedding receptions and other celebrations. Here’s a tip: you may even use the package to set up the perfect romantic date with a loved one.


Why 3 Monkeys AV Hire?

Our years in the market have taught us a lot of valuable lessons about our customers. For example, we know you want the best, so we give you products and equipment that come only from the best names in the industry.

Our LED Up Quad-4 Package is straightforward to use, but for your peace of mind, our expert technicians will assist you in installing equipment. We will also remove all equipment after use as quietly as possible so as not to bother you or your guests. If you encounter any problem during your event, don’t worry. Just contact us via our 24/7 emergency hotline and our staff will be ready to help you out.

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