Conveniently Hire a Dual 55 Inch Display TV Package from 3 Monkeys AV Hire

Dual 55 inch Display Package

Conveniently Hire a Dual 55 Inch Display TV Package from 3 Monkeys AV Hire

Whether you need it for a trade show or for an event, 3 Monkeys AV Hire’s Dual 55 Inch Display TV package is the perfect solution for you. Aside from carrying a wide selection of audio and lighting equipment, we also offer a TV display package for hire. Whether you’re planning a big presentation or you need an efficient and effective way to promote your brand, our TV display package is all you need.

Product Description

Our Dual 55 Inch Display TV Package Includes:

  • 1x Kramer Vision Switcher
  • 1x Kramer HDMI/VGA Distro
  • 4x HDMI/VGA Cables
  • 2x LG 55inch Full HD LCD Display Panel & Stand

Using our Dual 55 Inch Display TV Package to Promote Your Business

When you are promoting your business at a trade show, it is important to capture the attention of the guests. There are a lot of exhibitors in the space and it only takes a few seconds for you to turn heads and get the people interested. These few seconds are also very crucial in sending your message across.

Having a TV display is a great opportunity to attract visitors. When they stop by your booth, the tradeshow TV display will also keep them engaged. You can go beyond sending static information by and promote your brand through compelling videos.

With our Dual 55 Inch Display TV package, you can share information about your business or organisation in an interesting manner. You will have the ability to share memorable and meaningful content. Consequently, you will be able to generate leads.

It is the goal of a tradeshow exhibitor to generate leads and turn visitors into customers. It goes without saying that a TV display lets you do just that. You have to possess that extra factor that will leave the visitors thinking about you even after the show.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient and effective way to promote your brand, then our Dual 55 Inch Display TV package is the ideal solution for you. The brightness of the screen and its low energy consumption makes it a great choice for sending your message across.

Choose 3 Monkeys AV Hire and Get Quality Equipment

When you search for audio-visual companies in Perth, you will discover that you have plenty of options available to you. However, not even one of them comes close to the level of service and quality that we provide. Here at 3 Monkeys AV Hire, we try to take some stress off our clients’ shoulders by making sure we’ve got all their requirements covered.

When you hire us, we will send our AV specialists to your venue to study your requirements. Once we get the right information, we will use it to create an action plan and proposal that will work for you. This means that you can also hire us if you need audio and lighting equipment.

Before we deliver the display TV package to you, we will “triple check” and “pre-test” it. You will have enough time for installation, setup and rehearsals. Once the event is over, we will send our team over to dismantle the display for you.

If you are looking for tradeshow TV display packages in Perth, search no further than 3 Monkeys AV Hire. Our team is dedicated to providing quality sound, lighting and visual hire services at reasonable rates. Contact us today at (08) 9228 1681.


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